AlphaGRAFT® Vacuum Infusion Packaging | VIP

Alphatec OsseoFix

Alphatec Spine offers a line of biologic and structural allograft products providing a wide array implant options for spine surgery. The AlphaGRAFT family of products includes AlphaGRAFT Cervical and Lumbar Structural Allografts, AlphaGRAFT Demineralized Bone Matrix and AlphaGRAFT ProFuse™ Demineralized Bone Scaffolds. All AlphaGRAFT biologic products come from sources of accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

The AlphaGRAFT Structural Allografts and AlphaGRAFT ProFuse Demineralized Bone Scaffolds are packaged in Alphatec Spine's proprietary Vacuum Infusion Packaging (VIP). VIP is a new packaging and fluid delivery system developed by Alphatec Spine. The vacuum assisted delivery system allows for fast and efficient infusion of the surgeon's choice of hydration fluid. VIP allows for enhanced infusion of cells and bone marrow aspirate into the AlphaGRAFT ProFuse scaffold that is designed to provide maximum healing potential.