Epicage Lumbar Interbody System Midline Approach
Epicage Lumbar Interbody System Oblique Approach

The Epicage  Lumbar Interbody System is a unique system that incorporates the ease of delivering a bullet-shaped cage and the biomechanically ideal shape of a crescent-shaped cage in a single implant. Using a unique set of delivery instruments, the Epicage System consistently delivers the cage to the anterior third of the disc space, allows adjustment of the desired lordosis, and enables efficient bone graft placement to a larger surface area for fusion. The system supports both MIS and Open procedures with the two Portal styles: Oblique and Midline.


Key Features & Benefits

  Midline Approach Oblique Approach
Portal Insertion As far lateral in the disc space as possible Medial annulotomy ~1cm from lateral edge of disc space
Implant Trajectory Straight delivery, 90° turn into disc space Straight delivery, 30° offset angle

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