ILLICO® Minimally Invasive Surgery System (MIS)

MIS is a rapidly growing segment of the spine marketplace due to the potential benefits of decreased postoperative pain, shorter recovery time and reduced blood loss. Alphatec Spine is dedicated to creating products that help minimize pain and speed patient recovery. The ILLICO MIS System represents Alphatec Spine's minimally invasive surgical procudure posterior fixation solution for addressing disorders in the thoracic and lumbar spine via a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

The ILLICO MIS System features the minimally invasive access ILLICO retractor and the ILLICO MIS Posterior Fixation System.


MIS Posterior Fixation System

Posterior Fixation System

The ILLICO MIS Posterior Fixation System is distinguished by a broad selection of screw/rod delivery instruments and implants designed to treat disorders in the thoracic and lumbar spine. This simple, straight-forward minimally invasive system is adaptable to multiple minimally invasive surgical techniques helping to ensure reliable and reproducible results. The ILLICO MIS Posterior Fixation System is specifically designed to deliver Zodiac cannulated polyaxial screws and pre-cut, pre-bent rods through the ILLICO Retractor.

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ILLICO MIS Retractor

Illico MIS Posterior Fixation System

Posterior Thoracolumbar Access System

The ILLICO Posterior Lumbar Retractor is the foremost component of Alphatec Spine's ILLICO MIS System. Fully adjustable and easy to use, the ILLICO Retractor creates an exposure conducive to wide variety of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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Hook components are indicated for use at T7-L5. Sacral-iIliac screw indications are limited to the sacrum-iliac crest only. The Zodiac Polyaxial Spinal Fixation System, when used as a hook and sacral-iliac screw fixation system is intended for:

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